The Be Not Anxious Immersion

About an hour ago I immersed myself in a meditation on Philippians 4:6-7. I played the same scripture song for over an hour, and got revelation about what it means.

I am becoming more wise about the scriptures as it applies to real life, which is an uplifting thing that I am attaining that ability. Praise God.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus” – Philippians 4:6-7

So what are some of the applications of this scripture I found in my unconscious?

I was reminded of the Buddhist renunciates who are always on their knees with their hands out in prayer or begging making prayers towards God. You know the ones.

What is an outcome of this form of supplication? If you get beyond the mild social anxiety that comes with what people think, like doing this in public, having nothing but God actually brings you peace. Peace is the opposite of anxiety. So if you are in a supplicative state towards the almighty, he will take away your anxiety.

Having material things, or even physical things like family or girlfriends, are oftentimes a drama. Fear of loss is one of the tools of the devil, and the anxiety that comes from the expectations of others will steal peace.

I was reminded of the times in my life when I have been anxious about issues, and I  put myself in a supplicative state towards God, as if it was an automatic reaction, not by obeying scripture.

I found more peace than what I would have normally.

Prostration, or Supplication, has many purposes. One of which is finding peace with God. Not being concerned with the opinions  of others, positive or negative, takes away the ego, which is really an affirmation of what people think.

Some people go the other way and simply do prostration, in a church for example, as a response to what other people think, as if it is a holier than thou attitude.

It is what God sees when others aren’t looking that he appreciates. Peace of mind is something that can’t be bought. If you have done something which creates an anxiety in your life, in the form of concern for the negative opinions and force thoughts (opinions by deliberate facial expression, not expressly spoken), perhaps it is wise not to be around those people.

Bad company corrupts good character, and anxiety often comes as a result of what other people think. Company is good, we need interactions as humans or we wouldn’t have anything.

An outcome of any new activity enjoyed publicly is a negative opinion of others.

So many people move to the mountains (for example) because they are fed up with the anxiety that comes from people. People join the Hare Krishna because they are looking for something. Monks are fascinating people to me. I consider myself a monk to some degree, even though I don’t wear Catholic or Buddhist garb. I know all sorts of things about thought science from my meditations (meditation being the science of thought)

Then there are the Hikikomori, who I believe get that way because of an expectation placed upon them by their parents.

One of the reasons some people become renunciates is because they don’t want to deal with anxiety.

So other parts of this scripture include making your requests known to God. I will discuss Santa Claus being a euphemism for God in another post. Let’s just say though, that God will provide. You do not have to do anything to make God love you, because he already does. Everything beyond that is religion. You prostrate and supplicate because you want to, and because you love him, as opposed to a public display or self castigation.

Jimmy Scarff

Experiments in Intimacy

I like to know myself. One of the things I have done in my years of spiritual work is to know myself. So what did I do that gives rise to a blog post on intimacy?

Sometimes I overthink. One who overthinks knows all sorts of truths and mysteries about life and about God if they are that way inclined.

How did this happen? Well I was completely honest with my kinesiologist and my mother. And I’m not talking about a superficial honesty. I mean an analysis of the causes of why I feel a certain way, so I can find the inner man.

Being completely honest and knowing yourself gave me access to my spirit. I could see the pure spirit within myself. It was a profound experience, like I was looking at  pure golden energy.

I saw the suppression my crushed spirit was going through because of the headache which daily besets me.

By doing this exercise, I came to learn a few things about intimacy and about people, and especially myself as a revelation of my inner beauty.

To many, intimacy is frightening. When you are intimate with somebody (and I don’t mean sexually), you get to learn much about the walls and barriers people put up around themselves. You learn about their desires to be seen in a certain way and gain an understanding about home much fear people have about having somebody see the weirdo inside. When you are intimate like this it makes people want to not reciprocate.

Much of what I have learnt about intimacy is that it makes people vulnerable. You can though, get used to the hurts from others, when you repeatedly become vulnerable with people. The rejection and the criticism that comes from people’s walls makes those who wish to reveal their true nature a very game sort of person indeed.

Spiritually though, this sort of exercise will help you to grow as an individual. And you will become a stronger person because of it, deep inside. Your own inner beauty will shine forth. It cannot not happen. You put the good things in and your life will be a reflection of it.

Many people love bullshit. They love the sweetness of lies. It is what they are used to. It’s almost as though they are conditioned for bullshit acceptance, and this leaves those who enjoy it spiritually unfulfilled.

Intimacy can lead to a trap because it is is a love like a secret that can be passed around. Ego, or the acclaim of man as I am coming to understand it, will lead people to tell others of your intimate secrets.

What can you do about that being stabbed in the back when you are intimate? Gossip is a betrayal of trust, especially when you are intimate with somebody wicked. It can leads to feelings of humiliation and frustration if you reveal your true nature around people who are too wicked and sinful to understand or appreciate the raw beauty of the inner man.

The thought police have an understanding of this, and various labels for intimacy and unless you are giving these psychopaths some level of revelation of the inner man they will consider you guarded. Then when you do they stab you in the back. Cast not your pearls before swine, lest they turn again and rend you.

So is your true spiritual nature anybody’s business but yours? Why not share yourself with the world if you know by gift of God that your spirit is beautiful? It’s a gift to the world, and it is the best psychologist you could ever have. The reflection of yourself against others will make you realize that most people are fucked up to some degree and some spend their whole lives trying to deal with some shit they caused themselves, or the lack of appreciation from others.

What is intimacy? It’s like having a social wall and revealing something about your true nature. A glint into your inner beauty, if that is what you have.

So how do you become intimate? There are any number of answers and conclusions as to when this is appropriate. You shouldn’t do it with a complete stranger, and if you live in a country or a situation where it is illogical it is probably best to keep your wall up.

What I like to do is after I have know somebody for a few occasions and their is a friendship there, even if only in a professional manner, you can start to reveal an aspect of your true spiritual nature. You’ll be surprised at the results. It’s almost as if they are intrigued by it, but if you give thm to much, it will be too much. Appropriateness is a good idea.

Try it. Know yourself and reveal what you really think. Be a beautiful beacon of light in your own life so you can be one in others.

I’m reading this and thinking about how the truly wicked will try this out of spite of me. Some people are ugly on the inside, and yes being intimate will be a revelation to you if you can get over the fact that you are ugly on the inside. You can do things to change your inner beauty. inner beauty is not your outer beauty. Spiritually, you can turn a chocolate spirit into a mighty golden light if you fill it with positivity. If you want to get rid of the brown and turn it into something beautiful, the bible is a good place to start.

Jimmy Scarff


Farming Analogies In The Bible

So the bible is full of farming analogies. Why did Jesus do that in his word? Because farmers will be with you until the end of time. You cannot live in the world without a food source.

As Andrew Wommack said, you plant corn, you get corn. If you treat the word of God like a seed, you will get an abundance of fruit in the garden of your mind and in the bosom of your heart if you keep planting it. Sometimes you lose the seed, but you keep planting it. There are farming techniques you can use to make most of your seed work.

Here is the interesting bit. Can you expand your mind and make your heart bigger? As if to say, can you acquire more land for more fruit? Surely you will run out of room if you keep planting… What happens when you eat the fruit and then the seeds from that fruit are planted. What of genetically modified crops anyway, that have no seed and are designed for our pleasure? Could you draw a parallel between this and sanitized bibles? Natural law suggests that you need seed to plant, yet say with the GM oranges that have been planted for a wile, they are more pleasurable without seed.

Can you get a big beautiful heart with a garden rich of Jesus’ love if you do  things that will expand your heart’s size? Like being generous? What are some natural ways you can expand your mind? Would you have to go to a university to do that? How about theological school or bible college? I don’t think they are about expanding your mind, they are more about making it smaller, so all of that study is of limited benefit if you want the fruity revelation of God

I remember when I was doing exhaustive bible study the second time around. It was like information was being pushed out of my head and my brain couldn’t take anything else being put in there without something else being pushed out.

Sometimes it takes many years for some of the scriptures to yield forth a fruit, but during harvest time, you get a revelation in the form of fruit dropping and you eating it. All of this religious control and excommunication doctrine that comes from churches and religious idiots (yes idiots!) saying things like you must study your bible for an hour a day otherwise you will go hungry leads me to all sorts of questions. If you are truly hungry, then you wont need to be pushed to eat. The fruit of the vine and trees should sustain you between times of planting. Simple farming analogies.

You could also make a decision to sell your fruit for money. Or give away your fruit for free as I am doing now. Big beautiful expanded heart time.

Another good point about fruit and farming for fruit is that with many plants in their season they will yield much fruit. But they still continue to yield a harvest every year. Often all year if they are a perennial crop. There are many seeds in the word of God. All have a unique taste, if you are a connoisseur of fruit.

Jimmy Scarff


So I decided to write a christian diary. As it stands at present I am overwhelmed by the amount of revelation that I am getting about God. I thought I should write it down for my own personal benefit and anybody else who wants to hear what happens when you are a bible nut. So this journal will be about mysticism and revelations.