Andrew Wommack False Teacher – Is Andrew Wommack A Scammer?

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Hello my seeker of truth,

When I am asked whether or not a preacher is a scammer or not, I have to take into consideration many factors. There is constant reference to Andrew Wommack false teacher? on the internet, so I thought I might clear up some conceptions and misconceptions about Andrew Wommack false teacher.

I started following Andrew Wommack when I first got God TV installed in my house in Australia many years ago. I began to watch “The Gospel Truth” daily, as I believed he was a straight shooter, and his message compelled me to listen.

When I looked deeper and investigated Andrew Wommack as a false teacher, I came up with some amazing conclusions.

One of the things I found out about Andrew Wommack is that he is not in it for the money. Of course he needs money in order for his ministry to do it’s work, but his faith in Jesus is what sustains him. I think he said something like he needs US$2 Million a month to break even with all of the projects he is doing. Why do I say Andrew Wommack is not in it for the money? He offers free prayer and conselling for about 17 hours a day to anybody who would call his ministry in the United States. Andrew Wommack has a vast itinerary of bible college students and graduates on his phone prayer service, and they 100% of the time are caring and compassionate.

The next think I found out after calling this ministry is that every piece of ministry he has ever done, if it be his Gospel Truth seminars or his Gospel Truth television program, or even just all of the articles he teaches from – he gives them all away for free. Why does he do this? According to Andrew Wommack’s testimony, he was once very poor and needed these resources to help him in his early years as a pastor. He made a covenant with God that if God would supply his needs, of which he needed such ministry resources at the time, in his future ministry he would never let finance stop somebody from receiving the gospel. Andrew  Wommack used to mass produce tapes of his sermons, and there are numerous testimonies of people that have done things like put these teachings in their drawer and forgotten about them, then when a crisis came they found them again and turned to Jesus. I have over 400 hours of his stuff on my computer and it’s life changing!

Andrew Wommack is married with two sons. He has a testimony of how he raised his son Peter from the dead from the power of God, and two other people as well, making Andrew Wommack having raised three people from the dead altogether. Wikipedia even comments on this.

Everything Andrew Wommack teaches and preaches he lives by. He has an amazing testimony of how he was once an Introverted Pharisee Baptist in his youth, until one day, the 23rd of March 1968, God revealed himself to Andrew Wommack. His testimony of experiencing the love of God for 4 1/2 months was life changing for him, and he gained a revelation of his own wickedness. He also has been known to study the bible non-stop for thirteen months up to sixteen hours a day while he was conscripted to The Vietnam War. This is something I am envious of, in a Godly way. I have enough drive to study for about six months for a similar amount of hours a day at a time when the spirit exhorts me to do so.

Almost 100% of Andrew Wommack’s teaching I agree with, so I know that when I get a dose of Andrew Wommack, I am getting pure undiluted gospel. He backs up everything with scripture.

I had the amazing opportunity to meet Andrew Wommack in Victor Harbor, South Australia in late 2013, at the Glorious Grace Conference. It was surely an honor to meet my hero (other than Jesus). Not only is Andre Wommack the same in real life as he is on TV,  but he did the most extraordinary thing and called my name from the pulpit and said “Jimmy, receive your healing!” My faith level went through the roof and I felt like I was half healed of what I suffered from – that no doctor can treat or even diagnose properly. I know that if Andrew Wommack has prayed for me, it is really up to me now to indeed, receive my healing. I learnt that Jesus paid the price for all my sins and healing from listening to Andrew Wommack:) I also got counseled by him the next day by Andrew Wommack at the seminar about living my life as if I wasn’t suffering, and the suffering would go away. I will cherish this teaching for as long as I can remember.

The answer to the question, “Andrew Wommack false teacher?” NO NO and NO!

Jimmy Scarff

About myeternaljesus

Jimmy Scarff is a born again Christian believing to be a radical minister. he is the creator of the ZOE app, and is an avid supporter of helping children in slavery.
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